9 Things You May Not Know About Gary Ablett Jnr

1. Gary Ablett jnr has won a total of two brownlow medals during his career. Both won while bald!

2. Gary Ablett jnr is a committed Christian.

3. In 2019 Gary voiced his displeasure with people saying he's bald with the public comment "I admit I may have a slight flaw with my hair growing technique, but to say I’m bald is totally unfair".

4. in 2020 Gary Ablett jnr played the AFL grand final with a crack in his shoulder.

5. In 2020 Gary released a limited edition Wine.

6. In March 2016 Gary teamed up with Jeff White to create portable Aussie Rules goal posts, launching the product on Kickstarter.

7. In May 2017 Gary kicked a football along the Great Wall of China.

8. Throughout his entire career Gary kicked 445 Goals, made 1152 Marks and tackled other players 1533 times.

9. Gary Ablett jnr played a total of 357 games during his career, the 13th most in VFL/AFL History.