9 Things You May Not Know About Patrick Dangerfield

1. Patrick Dangerfield is known for his iconic landscape pose, a mark of his standing among the Cats’ faithful.

2. Patrick Dangerfield loves fishing & co-hosts a fishing radio show and podcast with Aaron "Red" Habgood called Reel Adventures

3. Patrick Dangerfield loves a joke, one day when inteviewing Captain Joel Selwood he asked him the question "Has it been hard for you to maintain a suntan these past 18 months, living in my shadow?"

4. Patrick Dangerfield is not a fan of the new 2020 Mulan movie, he would rather stick to the original.

5. Patrick Dangerfields favouite food that he's not allowed to eat during the footy season are KFC Chips

6. On his days off Patrick is a massive brunch fan and he loves avocado on toast with a sneaky piece of bacon.

7. In 2019 Patrick Dangerfield was compared to a Fish-and-chip-shop burger by theroar.com.au

"The king of fast-food burgers. It’s probably cheating to consider it fast food, but it’s almost always available and rarely fails to deliver. In fact, because it’s so consistently reliable, it’s easy to take it for granted. If all the burgers were on a platter and had your pick, you’d either choose the fish-and-chip-shop burger, or you’d be wrong and disappointed."

8. In school Patrick Dangerfield’s favourite subject was English.

9. When visiting a Year 6 class at Drysdale Primary School Patrick Dangerfield told the class "in about 10 years, women’s AFL should probably be as significant as normal AFL."